Universal Mill Type PX


Production of medium to fine powders from soft to medium hard materials with a maximum Mohs hardness of up to 3

Method of Operation

Material is gravity fed into the center of a grinding chamber and size reduced by impact, which takes place between the interchangeable grinding elements of a rotor and a stator arrangement. Pulverized material is discharged vertical through the bottom outlet of the machine.

The design of the mill is very user friendly. The stationary grinding elements are mounted on a large door, which swings to the side for easy access to the interior of the machine for clean down purposes inspection or maintenance work. Wear parts can be exchanged very easily. The door is closed with a swing bolt. A safety door locking system is standard for maximum operator protection.

Powders with a particle sizes of d97=45-500 µm (325-35 mesh) can be produced with this mill. Different grinding components are available to adapt to the different material to be pulverized.

See also Universal Mill, type PXL and PPXL

Advantages & Features

  • Large access door allows easy access to the grinding chamber. Easy access and easy cleaning
  • Machine housing in welded design
  • Bearing assembly flanged to the rear wall of the housing. Bearing seals gas flushed
  • Wear parts can be exchanged easily
  • Safety switches for maximum operator safety
  • compact design
  • Low operating costs
  • Special designs available in Stainless Steel, polished surfaces, x-proof up to 10 bar, and for operation under inert atmosphere and cryogenic grinding

Excellent for pulverizing medium hard to soft materials

  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Food
  • Spices
  • Dairy products
  • Minerals
  • Cellulose
  • Wood
Type PX 315 500 630 1000
Scale-up Factor f 1.0 2.4 4.0 8.6
Rotor Diameter mm 315 500 630 1000
Motor kW 18.5 45 75 160