Over 100 years, more than 1,000 machine designs, and over 45,000 size reduction tests performed at our Research and Technology Center, guarantee optimum solutions and are a unique basis for safe investment decisions.


Biopolymers, Cellulose Derivatives, Cryogenic Grinding, Dyes & Pigments, Fertilizers, Fibrous Materials, Oily & Fatty Materials, Inert Grinding Systems, Natural Resins & Pitch and Salts & Phosphates.


Animal Feed, Confectionary, Chocolate, Cocoa and Coffee, Fibrous Materials, Frozen Foods, Grain Milling Products, Herbs & Vegetables, Meats, Sugar and Spices.

Plastic & Rubber

Blow Molding, Bio-Plastics (PLA), Compounding & Masterbatch, Coating Powders, Extrusion, Films, Flooring & Carpet Products, Foams, Injection Molding, Nonwovens, Rotational Molding, Thermoforming, Rubber, WPC - Wood Plastic Composites.


Coke-like Products, Dyes & Pigments, Medium Hard Minerals, Salts & Phosphates.


Bottles, Carpet Waste, Containers, Films, Fibers, Foams, Natural Fibers, Profiles, Pipes


Annual Plants, Paper, Particle Boards, Medium Density Fibers (MDF), Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Waste Wood


Wood Plastic Composites, Natural Fiber Composites, Cork Plastic Composites and WPC Panels .

Other Industries

Agricultural - Bio Chemistry, Leather Fibers - LEFA, Sanitary Products, and Processes such as: Dosing, Draining, Digesting, Defiberizing, and Washing.