Turbo Mill Type PP



Pulverizing , fiberizing, crushing, mixing and blending of soft, brittle, tough, elastic, smearing, hygroscopic, heat sensitive, fatty, creasy and oily materials, in dry or wet condition.

Adjustment of the Gap


Side Discharge       Bottom Discharge

Method of Operation

Turbo Mills, type PP are attrition and impact mills. The material is centrically fed to the machine via an inlet. Then picked up by a fast rotating impeller and thrown against a plate-type cone at high speed which is counter rotating and equipped with grinding technology profiled wear-resistant segments.

The material is pulverized by impact as well as by friction of the single particles against each other and through high-turbulent air flow. By setting the grinding gap between the rotating and the fixed housing baffle plate, the desired fineness can be quickly and exactly adjusted, even during operation.

Advantages & Features

  • Screen-less operation
  • Optimized, wear resistant grinding path
  • Fast and exact setting of the grinding gap from the outside of the machine
  • Optional water-cooled housing, no contact between material and water
  • Finest powders without using nitrogen
  • Excellent powder characteristics: best flow conditions, high bulk density and narrow grain size distribution
  • Low grinding temperature due to optimum air conduction
  • Fully-automatic continuous operation
  • Easy regulation of fineness
  • Plastics
  • Foods
    • Oily and fatty products
    • Grain milling products
    • Fibrous materials
    • Cocoa and coffee
  • Minerals
    • Medium hard minerals
  • Chemicals
    • Salts and Phosphates
    • Oily and fatty products
    • Dyes and pigments
    • Natural Resins and Pitch
  • Pharmaceutical products
Type PP 4S 6S 8S 12S
Scale-up Factor f 0.6 1.0 1.7 2.9
Dia. Grinding Chamber mm 400 600 800 1200
Recommended motor kW 7.5 – 15 11 – 30 18.5 – 45 22 – 75
Air Displacement m3/min 13 26 31 43