Knife Mill Type PS-L



Method of Operation

The sheet granulator gets installed in a covered pit for easier feeding of the sheet waste as well as for sound protection. The pit should have an air circulation for cooling and stairs for better access to the machines installed in the pit.

Sheet waste is fed by hand thru the inclined feed chute. Material gets crushed and granulated by the knives of a high inertia rotor working against bed knives installed in the granulator housing. The material gets discharged thru a screen. The mesh size of the screen determines the maximum size of the granules produced. A pneumatic conveying system transports the material to a cyclone separator where it can be collected in a super bag.


Granulation of sheet waste

Advantages & Features

  • Inclined feed chute, low infeed height, operators first choice
  • Positive infeed of material as long as 3000 mm (10´)
  • No knife adjustments inside the machine necessary
  • Alternating slant cut rotor ensures maximum capacity
  • Symmetrical screen with maximum possible screen area
  • Good access to the cutting chamber for easy cleaning
  • Safety switches for maximum operator protection
  • Steel fabricated design, rugged and reliable
  • Compact space saving design

The sheet granulator type PS-P is designed to granulate sheet waste from rigid PVC, ABS, PE. Sheets can have a length of up to 3000 mm, with a maximum height of the sheet of 150 mm and a maximum thickness of the sheet of 50 mm. Granulators for different sheet width are available.

  • Plastic Sheet Waste
    • PVC
    • ABS
    • PE
Type PS-P 4-5 4-7.5 4-10 4-12.5
Scale-Up Factor 1.0 1.4 1.9 2.3
Infeed opening mm 400X500 400X750 400X1000 400X1250
Rotor diameter mm 400 400 400 400
Cutting width mm 500 500 500 500
Motor kW 22-45 37-55 45-75 55-90
Capacity* Kg/h 400-800 600-1200 800-1500 1000-1900

* Throughput Rate varies depending of the feed material