Pallmann PP 16 & 20

The Pallmann PP 16 & 20 Series of Granulators for Processing offers economical size reduction of in-line as well as off-line recycling.


Pallmann PP Series 16 and 20 are designed for the requirements of the injection molding industry. Feeding can be performed by means of sprue puller systems with conveyor belts, part robots or by hand. The product is discharged into a collecting bin, designed for standard vacuum conveying systems or pneumatic vacuum pressure conveying systems. Recycling of sprues and thin walled rejects from tough elastic to brittle plastics; compact design with a low feed height, reliable and quiet during continuous operation, quick and easy cleaning when changing products, reasonably priced and low operating costs.

Advantages & Features

Machine List:

  • PS Series 300
  • PS Series 400
  • PS Series 600
  • PS Series 800-1200
  • PS Series B
  • PS Series C
  • PS Series F
  • PS Series H
  • PS Series I
  • PS Series K
  • PS Series L
  • PS Series P
  • PS Series R
  • PS Series S
  • PS Series T
  • PS Series U
  • PS Series V
  • PS Series W
  • Series PSRH
  • Series PSC