Knife Mill Type PS-W


Granulating of all Types of Thermoforming Waste into Reusable Granules

Method of Operation

Installation of the granulator is on the production floor. Feeding is done manually or with a belt conveyor. Material is size reduced between rotor- and bed knives. A screen holds material inside the grinding chamber, as long as it is too coarse. Fine material gets discharged through the screen into a pneumatic discharge system.

Advantages & Features

  • Reliable, efficient robust design
  • An open, alternating slant cut rotor is standard.
  • Bearings are outboard and no grease can enter the grinding chamber.
  • Rotor knives are adjusted outside the machine.
  • Knife gap setting inside the machine is no longer necessary. Two rows of bed knives are adjusted inside the cutting chamber.
  • The 180°-screen is symmetrical and can be used from both sides. The standard hole size of the screen is 8 mm ( 5/16″).
  • The clean cut granules produced are ideal for feeding extruders and injection molding machines.

Granulating of all types of thermoforming waste into reusable granules. These granulators are used off-line and accept complete skeleton rolls. Other applications for these machines are granulation of tangled sprues and runners in the injection molding industry. The content of complete boxes and containers can be fed without having the need for manual separation.

  • Plastics Materials
    • Thermoforming waste
    • Injection Molding waste

Type PS-W 300-1000 500-1000
Scale-Up Factor 1.0 2.0
Infeed opening mm 1300-1015 1520-1015
Rotor diameter mm 300 500
Cutting Width mm 1000 1000
Motor kW 22 75
Capacity* Kg/h 400-600 800-1100