Knife Mill Type PS-F




Method of Operation

Granulators Type PS-F are used in-line or at central locations to cut film waste of all kind. They are equipped with an infeed roller system for feeding film scrap from the production line during start up. Loose film scrap can be fed by hand or with a conveyor belt.

Installation of the granulator is on the production floor or in a pit. Film waste is fed with infeed rollers, by hand or with a belt conveyor. Material is size reduced between rotor- and bed knives. A screen holds material inside the grinding chamber, as long as it is too coarse. Fine material gets discharged through the screen into a pneumatic discharge system.

Size reduction of film waste of any kind

Advantages & Features

  • Reliable, efficient Robust design
  • An open, alternating slant cut rotor is standard.
  • Bearings are outboard and no grease can enter the grinding chamber.
  • Rotor knives are adjusted outside the machine. Knife gap setting inside the machine is no longer necessary. Bed knives are placed against setting blocks and again, no gap adjustment is necessary.
  • The 180°-screen is symmetrical and can be used from both sides.
  • The standard hole size of the screen is 6 mm ( 1/4″). Other screen sizes are available.
  • The material produced has a high bulk density and is ideal for feeding a film extruder.

Plastics Materials

  • PET
  • A-PET
  • G-PET
  • PA
  • PP
  • BOPP
  • PA
  • PVC
Type PSF 200×150 PSF 200×450 PS-F 3 PS-F 3.5
Cutting Chamber mm 100×150 100×450 260×250 300×450
Rotor diameter mm 200 200 230 320
Rotor Type GS2 GS2 S3 GS3
Motor kW 2.2 4.0 5.5-7.5 11-22
Capacity* Kg/h 100-1000 250-3000 40-180 80-380

Type PS-F 4-5 PS-F 4-7.5 PS-F 4-10 PS-F 4-12.5
Cutting Chamber mm 350X500 350X750 350X1000 350X1200
Rotor diameter mm 400 400 400 400
Rotor Type GS3 GS3 F5 F5
Motor kW 18.5-45 22-55 75-100 110-200
Capacity* Kg/h 150-660 220-990 320-1480 400-1850

Type PS-F 6-9 PS-F 8-12 PS-F 8-15 PS-F 8-18
Cutting Chamber mm 550X900 750X1200 750X1500 750X1800
Rotor diameter mm 600 800 800 800
Rotor Type FW6 FW8 FW12 FW12
Motor kW 75-110 110-200 135-250 160-250
Capacity* Kg/h 400-1780 700-3000 40-180 80-380

* Throughput Rate varies depending of the feed material