Knife Mill Type PS Series C



Method of Operation

The rubber bales are fed by hand or via a conveyor belt into the PALLMANN Ultra-GranulatorTM, Series C through  a patented infeed chute  with shuttle flaps that guarantees a guided material feeding and a dosed material intake.

The material is the granulated to the desired size by means of the specially designed guillotine rotor; the open design, without a traversing shaft and with a high momentum flywheel, allow a low friction and therefore temperature gentle size reduction.

The particle size is determined  by the screen mesh size installed in the knife mill.  A pneumatic aspiration system is installed downstream from the rubber granulator in order to discharge the heat produced during the granulating process and also to transport the granules.

The machine is easily accessible for quick and thorough cleaning as well as for knife exchange as the upper part of the housing can be hydraulically swung open.  Low downtime is guaranteed as the rotor and  the stator knives are adjustable outside of the machine and the screen is easily exchangeable.

Material transport can be performed mechanically or pneumatically.

Size reduction of plastic waste material of any kind such as heavy compact lumps, light weight bulky parts, bottles, film waste, and other voluminous waste

Advantages & Features

  • Reliable, efficient Robust design
  • Guillotine rotor for low friction temperature gentle size reduction
  • Patented infeed chute with shuttle flaps allow guided material feed as well as dosed material intake.
  • Good accessibility of the cutting chamber allows easy and intensive cleaning and quick screen change
  • Knives adjustable outside of the mill allowing for minimum downtime
    Compact design

Natural or Synthetic Rubber

  • Bales
  • Sheets
  • Chips
  • Vulcanized or un-vulcanized
PS-C PS-C 4-5 4-7.5 4-10 6-6 6-9 8-6 8-9 8-12
Feed opening mm 510×500 510×750 510×1000 560×630 560×930 820×625 820×920 820×1250
Rotor dia. mm 400 400 400 600 600 800 800 800
Motor kW 37-55 55-90 75-110 55-90 90-132 90-132 110-200 132-250
Precut throughput* Kg/hr 800-4000 1100-5500 1500-7000 1200-6500 1700-9000 1500-8000 2200-11000 3000-15000


Kg/hr 200-2000 300-2500 400-3750 350-5000 450-4000 450-3500 600-5300 800-7000

* Throughput Rate varies depending of the feed material