Knife Mill Type PS Series B



Method of Operation

The material is fed into the knife mill via a wide feeding chute. The size reduction takes place between the knives of the fast rotating rotor and the stationary housing knives. The particle size of the reduced material is determined by mesh size of the easily exchangeable screen installed at the bottom of the housing. Vertical bottom discharged.

The slanted cut rotor design results in up to 20% less energy consumption and in a significant reduction of the noise level as well as in less unwanted fines in the finished product. This cutting geometry with slanted rotor knives and stationary knives installed into the machine housing in an opposite slope design, ensures very precise knife setting with a constant parallel gap over the full length of the knives.

Size reduction of plastic waste material of any kind such as heavy compact lumps, light weight bulky parts, bottles, film waste, and other voluminous waste

Advantages & Features

  • Reliable, efficient Robust design
  • Good accessibility of the cutting chamber allows easy and intensive cleaning and quick screen change
  • Pre-adjusted all-steel rotor knives
  • Open rotor design guarantees cool operation, important to the size reduction of thermoplastic heat sensitive materials.
  • Energy saving slant cut design
  • Easy handling
  • Sound Insulation Optional

Plastics Materials

  • Blow Molding Waste
  • Extrusion Waste
  • Film Waste
Type PS-B 630-1000 PS-B 800-1250
Infeed opening mm 630 x 1020 810 x 1270
Rotor diameter mm 630 800
Rotor Type FS6 FS6
Motor kW 55-132 75-200
Capacity* Kg/h 600-2200 1000-3000

* Throughput Rate varies depending of the feed material