Knife Mill Type PS-R



Recycling of all types of injection molded, blow molded and extruded parts.


Method of Operation

Production waste, as well as rejected pipes, pipe bends, socket ends, etc., occurring during the manufacturing of plastic pipes, can be  economically size reduced, at low cost, with PALLMANN pipe crushers.

Depending on the feed material and the local conditions, the material can be fed horizontally or via a feed chute, installed at ground level, with an integrated load-controlled pusher.  For these cases, the PALLMANN pipe crusher type PSR, is used.

If the machine is installed in a basement or in a pit, feeding can be performed by means of a hydraulic tipping chute.  For these applications, PALLMANN pipe crushers Type PS-R are used.  Both series stand out due to their robust design, easy accessibility and simple handling.  Material feeding is performed load-controlled by current consumption of the main motor.

Advantages & Features

  • Reliable, efficient Robust design
  • Inclined or horizontal feeding available
  • Load controlled feeding
  • No knife adjustment inside the machine necessary
  • Alternating slant cut rotor ensures maximum capacity
  • Hinged screen cradle, symmetrical screen
  • Good access to the cutting chamber for easy cleaning
  • Safety switches for maximum operator safety

Recycling of all types of injection molded, blow molded and extruded parts. Plastic parts with thin or thick walls can be granulated, as well as purgings, lumps, profile and pipe waste etc.

  • Plastics Materials
    • Rejected Pipes
    • Pipe Beds

Type PSR














Cutting area mm 350×560 575×560 755×750 1000×1150 1000×1150 480×550 760×850
Rotor ø mm 600 800 1200 1600 2200 600 800
Rotor Type FW6 FW6 FW8 FW10 FW16 SD5 SD7
Motor kW 75-90 90-110 132-160 160-250 315-500 75-90 110-132
Capacity* Kg/h 600-2000 800-2300 1200-3600 1600-5000 3000-12000 500-700 860-1200

* Throughput Rate varies depending of the feed material