Double Shaft Crusher, PDWB

Production of powders with narrow particle size distributions from brittle and crystalline materials.

Double Shaft Crusher, PDWB

The ORIGINAL PALLMANN Horizontal Knife Mill, type PSRH, called ,Biber“, with an hydraulic feed system is best suited for the size reduction of most various types of plastic waste. The Horizontal Knife Mill will scredd such as purgings, waste from the production of pipe-, profile and film, pressed bales of plastic bottles, film-, fiber and carpet waste and many

The Horizontal Knife Mill is usually installed on the production floor or in a pit. Typical feeding method is by hand, with a belt conveyor, a forklift, a crane or other mechanical devices into the feed hopper.

The feed material is automatically fed into the rotor by means of a hydraulic, intermittently moved live bottom. The material is size reduced between the rotor- and stator knives. A screen keeps the material in the grinding chamber until the desired final size is achieved. The finished product is discharged straight down and is transported further either pneumatically or mechanically, depending on the material condition or the downstream processing step.

Advantages & Features

  • Production of narrow particle size distributions possible
  • Direct drive of rolls by gear motor or hydraulic motor
  • Compact space saving design, low feed height
  • Positive feed of material
  • Adjustment of grinding gap from the outside
  • Adjustment of grinding pressure used for protection of rolls
  • Adjustment of speed of rolls with frequency controller possible
  • Low speed of rolls avoids creation of sparks
  • Very low noise level during production due to low speed of rolls
  • Steel fabricated design, sturdy and reliable, built to last
  • Stainless steel version available
  • Chemical: Pigments, Explosives, Resins, Phosphate Salts
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Minerals
Type PSRH 6-9 6-12 12-8 16-12 22-18
Feed Hopper Opening mm 2000×730 2000×1150 4000×1050 4000×920 3500×1600
Rotor Diameter mm 600 600 1200 1600 2200
Rotor Length mm 900 1200 800 1200 1800
Motor kW 75 110 160 200 540
Throughput Rate* kg/h 500-2000 650-2600 1000-4000 1750-7000 3000-1200
Weight kg 8300 10300 18300 29200 85000
Machine Dimensions ( LWH ) mm 5670x3720x3640 6140x4030x3640 10695x3100x2755 12000x4830x4000 16340x6500x5240