ConoMill™ Type PLK


Pulverizing, Mixing, Homogenizing, Coating and Defiberizing of Various Materials


Method of Operation

There are various ways to dose the feed material into the mill according to the requirements, such as vibratory feeder, feed screw or a rotary air lock. The rotor is aligned vertically and together with the stator, they form a cone shaped grinding chamber

This geometrical arrangement allows the grinding gap to be easily set by raising or lowering the stator.

Size reduction or conditioning occurs between the impact edge of the rotor and the wear resistant grinding path. The degree of fineness or conditioning is controlled by the grinding gap, circumferential speed of the impact edge of the rotor, volume of air, rotor type as well as the type if grinding path, therefore resulting in preferred combinations for pulverizing, mixing, dry grinding and coating.

Very often there is no requirement for a sifter to control the upper particle size. A blower suctions the product out of the mill and onto either a cyclone or filter separator.

The PALLMANN ConoMillTM, type PLK is available in a pressure shock resistant design up to 10 bar for dust explosive materials.

The rotors and grinding paths can be made of weare resistant ceramic specially designed for abrasive hard materials and for an iron free grinding in the food industry. Also for food or chemical industries, the mill is available in stainless steel and/or GMP compliant versions.

Advantages & Features

  • Finest powders with narrow particle size distribution and high bulk density
  • Flexible adjustment to various requirements and materials
  • Quick exchange of rotors and stators upon changing requirements
  • High throughput rates
  • bearing assembly completely separate from grinding chamber
  • Simple and easy adjustment of the grinding gap
  • Rugged construction designed for continuous operation
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Pressure Shock Resistant, and GMP Compliant

Excellent for pulverizing medium hard to soft materials

  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Food
  • Spices (Under ambient temperature)
  • Bone and fish meal
  • Press Cakes
  • Detergents
  • Pigments
  • Cellulose ether and derivates

Type PPS 4-120 6-180 8-240 10-300 12-360 14-420
Scale-up Factor f 0.4 1.0 1.7 2.7 4.0 5.2
Rotor Diameter mm 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400
Width of screen mm 120 180 240 300 360 420
Motor, Impeller kW 15-22 30-55 55-110 110-160 160-250 200-315
Motor, Screen kW 7.5-11 15-30 30-55 55-90 90-132 110-160
Machine Weight kg 1750 3300 5250 7650 9750 11500