Chipper, PHK

Cutting of all types of plastic materials, as well as cuttable organic and inorganic materials

Installation of the chipper is on the production floor or on top of a pit. Feeding is done with a belt conveyor. In-feed rollers grab the material and move it towards the rotor of the chipper. Material is size reduced between rotor and bed knives. A screen holds material inside the cutting chamber, as long as it is too coarse. Fine material gets discharged through the screen into a pneumatic discharge system. Bottom discharge onto a mechanical conveyor or into a bin is available.

Advantages & Features

  • Defined granule size depending on the chosen size of the screen, therefore no overs in the end product
  • Load-controlled material feeding via conveyor belt and draw-in rollers
  • Easy, horizontal feeding or optional feeding from the top
  • Rugged and reliable construction, designed for operation in harsh environments
  • Easy screen and knife exchange due to maintenance-friendly construction
  • No knife setting necessary in the machine
  • High economic efficiency and throughput rate
  • Plastic Materials: Sheets, Profiles, Foam, Floor Covering Products, Carpet Waste
  • Organic & Inorganic Materials: Cellulose rolls, Cellulose Sheets
  • Other: Copper Cables, Copper Foil
Type PSRH 6-9 6-12 12-8 16-12 22-18
Feed Hopper Opening mm 2000×730 2000×1150 4000×1050 4000×920 3500×1600
Rotor Diameter mm 600 600 1200 1600 2200
Rotor Length mm 900 1200 800 1200 1800
Motor kW 75 110 160 200 540
Throughput Rate* kg/h 500-2000 650-2600 1000-4000 1750-7000 3000-1200
Weight kg 8300 10300 18300 29200 85000
Machine Dimensions ( LWH ) mm 5670x3720x3640 6140x4030x3640 10695x3100x2755 12000x4830x4000 16340x6500x5240