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The capability to consistently create trend-setting inventions, the quick adaptation to new chances and environmental influences have characterized the restless activities of the “Pallmann Clan” for more than seven generations.

Millers and millwrights, wholehearted machine constructors, proud of their technical virtues, used for the customers’ benefit, driven by the ambition to be better than others, that is what distinguishes the real “PALLMANN”, even today.

On July 4th, 1903, the miller, Ludwig PALLMANN, after his apprenticeship and years of travel, founded PALLMANN company in Zweibrücken. What started in the leased
“Upper City Mill” as a flour business, where he carried on his trade of milling, developed around 1919, when his son, Ludwig Pallmann, was taken on by the company, into a cereal factory and soon into an oat mill. PALLMANN's oatmeal and rolled oats were famous throughout the Palatinate and beyond.

The invention of the stone grinding mill with a self-aligning bottom driven concept for grinding oat shells introduced a new and promising era. The application of new techniques in new industries brought about success. The stone grinding mill with a self-aligning bottom driven concept, type “OP 1300” was suited for the production of finest wood flour from sawdust, the waste from sawmills. The attempt to dare to do something new, was at the same time the birth of PALLMANN’s wood flour factory.

Exhibited in Paris, at the 1937 World’s Fair, the PALLMANN stone grinding mill with a self-aligning bottom driven concept started its triumphal march throughout Europe. Size reduction techniques for the wood industry were also in demand overseas and were soon a core competence of PALLMANN.

The development of the counter-rotating Turbo Mill, type PP allowed the size reduction of moist, fatty, oily and sticky products and was soon the company’s main product with customers all over the world. On January 12, 1945 the whole company was reduced to rubble during an air raid.

The development of the machine factory

The reconstruction started with occasional deliveries by means of a tractor. Wilhelm Pallmann joined the company and at the end of 1946, the wood flourmill and a trial installation were rebuilt. In the fiscal year 1950, for the first time, the machine construction department sold more than the wood flourmill. Since that time, the big industries have been the main customers of PALLMANN size reduction techniques. Integrated into processing lines, the machines run reliably and around the clock. Whoever buys from PALLMANN trusts in quality and receives competence in size reduction.


Former Headquarters at Zweibrücken

The invention of the single-motor Turbo Mill, type REF opened new markets for PALLMANN in coal mining and in the mineral industry. In 1954, due to the development of new techniques, it was possible for the first time to pulverize plastics at ambient temperature without the addition of artificial cooling agents. From then on, PALLMANN offered custom grinding services for plastics. The demand for plastic powders was constantly increasing and the wood flourmill was converted. In 1965, all grinding activities were moved to Gersheim/Saar into an independent company.

PALLMANN became “big in size reduction” by realizing the idea, “100% reutilization of wood”. Numerous inventions shaped the development of the board industry. The name “PZ”, the type designation for the counter-rotating chip flaker, became the synonym of a whole industry. PALLMANN, as the market leader in this field, is continuing to technologically lead the industry into the future.

In 1969, Wilhelm Pallmann started to build a new machine factory in accordance with a forward-looking concept. The most modern production concepts contributed then and as today to the success of the company.

Hartmut Pallmann.jpg (45847 bytes)

Under the management of Hartmut Pallmann, a subsidiary company was built in 1981 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a machine factory and a custom grinding plant. The expansion of the company into a globally active organization began. A worldwide active sales- and service network, daily efforts and progresses in the fields of research and development and the commitment of all our employees to be willing to achieve and offer more than others, ensure further growth in the 21st century as well.

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