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Ultra-Granulators TM

PALLMANN Ultra-Granulators™ offer optimum performance in the broadest spectrum of application fields; such as plastics, chemicals, minerals, foods, wood, etc.


Product Reference

Depending on the requirement, different varieties of machine housings with various numbers of knives and cutting geometry are available. These range from machine housings with two rows of knives for the size reduction of thin-walled parts and bulky hollow pieces up to machine housings with three or four rows of knives for the size reduction of compact parts such as lumps, sheets, film, fibers or for high throughput rates.

The types and design of the rotors are as versatile as the types of applications. From open guillotine rotors for heat sensitive products up to closed and partially water cooled multi-knife rotors for pulverization, PALLMANN's scope of supply fills all desires.

  1. Guillotine Rotor

  2. Slant-Cut Rotor

  3. Claw Type Rotor

  4. Cassette Rotor

  5. Clamping Wedge Rotor

  6. Multiple Knife Rotor

PALLMANN Ultra-Granulators™ produce high quality granules at low cost by choosing the correct cutting technology.  For easy handling, PALLMANN Ultra-Granulators™ have a split housing and can be, depending on the design, manually or hydraulically raised or lowered.

The screen inserts are easily accessible and are available with either square or round holes.  In order to achieve high quality end product, at low operating costs, an exact cutting gap between the rotating and the stationary knives is required.

Knife Setting

The size reduction is effected between rotation and stationary knives.  The more precise the cutting gap between the knives is adjusted, the higher the product quality and the lower the operating costs.  PALLMANN Ultra-Granulators™ always offer the advantage of rotor and stationary knives being precisely set in a fixture outside of the machine while a second set of knives is installed and operating in the machine.  The downtime for knife changing is therefore reduced to the time required for removal of dull knives and installation of sharp knives only.  There is no setting or adjustment work to be done inside of the machine.

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